3 Reasons Your Blog Sucks

You’re responsible.

Yes, you’re the one that’s driving readers away from your blog. It’s not bad luck, your content, or your logo. It’s you. Or more specifically, the way you organize your content.

Here are three ways to make your content easier to read:

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1. Color Combinations

What colors are you using for the background and the font? Are they black text on a white background? Is it a soft blue on a green background? What about a bright pink on a purple background. That last combination, my darling entrepreneur, is only good in one place: my daughter’s bedroom.

Keep a high contrast when it comes to text and backgrounds. When it comes to colors, keep it simple and use only pops of color on things like headings, links, or other important items.

2. Font Usage

I love pretty fonts! I have tons of them on my Pinterest. Masculine ones, script, feminine, childish, and even, I’m embarrassed to say, Comic Sans get some love. But although I love all my fonts, I don’t use them all on one brand.

Your business should truly have no more than 3 fonts. A primary one used for things that need a shot of awesome: headings, blog titles, page names, site name, etc. This primary one should have some spunk and fit within your brand style.

A secondary font will be needed for subheadings and other items. You should keep this one simpler. My second font is Helvetica. I try to use it whenever it’s anything other than a headline.

Finally, you can have a third font. I don’t, but if you decide you need one, specify what it’ll be for. Will you only use it as a call to action, on the navigation, or just on the footer of the site?

In addition to the font type, think about the size for your body copy. You want to make it easier to read right? Set your font at a slightly larger size. Don’t make it crazy huge. The font should be larger than the 12 pt size your high-school teacher wanted your report set at. It should be closer to the actual number you wrote it at, 15 pt.

3. Break Up The Text

My final tip is to break up your copy. Take the large paragraph chunks, find a good spot, and press the return key. You can also achieve this by using bullet points. The goal is to make it easy for the busy reader to skim your content and it’s less overwhelming than seeing mountains of paragraphs to read.

I know that the content you’re offering is valuable. These tweaks will make it more appealing for your readers to skim through, bookmark, and share the information you’ve worked so hard to provide.

So here’s what I want you to do:

1. Take a hard look at your blog (and site). Is it hard to read? Does it look like a 13 year old’s myspace page?

2. Write down 3 action items to do in 7 days and a question for each.

3. Share that task list and questions in the comments or email me at yasmine@roblesdesigns.com

Do you see this list and think, “No more, I just wanted to sell more/get more view/etc!” The solution? Chat with me. This is about you, your goals, and how the site you have is helping or hurting your revenue dreams. Don’t let a bad website control you!

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