3 signs you don't need to rebrand

Entrepreneurial doubt. It’s real and it can sometimes make us overthink pieces of our company, especially our branding.

In the last post, we discussed the 5 signs you need to rebrand, but today, I’m going to save you some money. We’re going to chat about the 3 reasons you SHOULDN’T rebrand.

“Say, what?! Aren’t you a brand designer?”

Although I’d love to redo your business, I wouldn’t want to ruin a perfectly great brand for no reason! So here’s my list as well as the alternative to rebranding:

1. Are you bored? I like to compare this to something I learned when trying to get healthier: I was mindlessly eating even when I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t need a granola bar, I was just bored. The same thing happens with my clients around the 6 month mark and again at the 1 year anniversary.

Instead, look at your brand and see where you can make small, yet brand consistent, tweaks. Perhaps your homepage image has been up for a while? Maybe you’re about page copy needs some sprucing up? These small tweaks are a lot better (and inexpensive) compared to a total rebrand.

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2. You haven’t done your homework yet. You need to know exactly who you’re targeting, what their likes and dislikes are, and even where they hang out. You’ll also need to find out about your competition’s branding, your own style… You get the idea.

Without knowing any of this information, you’ll simply have to rebrand AGAIN in 6 months. Instead do the research, get clear on your mission, and then think about rebranding.

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3. If you have a large and loyal following, think twice. The major one that comes to mind is Gap. They tried to recreate their logos and ended up getting a mob with pitchforks! Just kidding, no pitchforks, but people were pissed. After a week, the old logo was back.

The alternative is to really hone in on who is following you. Are they traditionalists that will be disappointed if you switch up your brand or are they newer millennials that prefer a different style? This also goes back to number 2: do your homework!

You’re brand is what people say about you! Make sure that whether you decide to rebrand or not, you’re website is connecting with your ideal client, your visuals are cohesive, and that you’re not just rebranding because you’re bored!

Look for small design tweaks, get to know your audience, and get to work 😉

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