3 Things That Helped MyBusiness in2015

I’ve had every single emotion you can think of when it comes to my business this year.

Every. Single. One.

From confusion to excitement, happiness to sadness, and overwhelm to “wtf, did I just do that?!” Yes, saying that it’s a roller coaster would be an understatement. But it’s one ride I’m not willing to get off of yet.

I love what I do. I love helping people grow their businesses and get closer to the lives they desire.

Here’s the top 3 things that have bettered my business:

1. I invested in myself and my business. In the beginning of my business, I was so afraid of investing money because I wanted to know that there was a return. Finally, I decided to get a business coach, put myself through my own branding curriculum, and set up an official brand.

I invested money and time into my website, branding, and marketing. “What about the return,” you ask? It’s come back in a great way! Not only have my clients been excited, but I’ve learned business skills, marketing know-how, and earned the confidence to stand behind my company, make sales calls, and kick business ass.

2. PERSISTENCE. Actually, persistence and coffee since they have gone hand-in-hand. Honestly, there were times I wondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into.

I’d constantly be thinking of sales funnels and metrics and branding and on and on. I’d have weeks where there wasn’t a single peep from Facebook or growth in followers. I wanted to quit so badly.

But I didn’t. I’m stubborn (ask my husband). My coach also kept me accountable. I kept looking at my life vision board and it would give me the boost I needed.

And, well coffee had a helping hand in getting the work done on little sleep.

3. Mindset shifts are kind of woo woo but they work in keeping you in check. At any company that I’ve worked in, I’ve seen that negativity breeds more negativity. The same goes for your business. One negative thought can snowball into overwhelm and, unfortunately for some, quitting their dream.

Both with the help of my business coach, a darling boss lady I met online, and my own persistence/stubbornness, I have managed to kick negativity in the ass. It’s still there, creeping around, but I know how to overcome it and move on from those fleeting moments.

This article isn’t meant to brag. I wrote it to ensure you understand that ALL business owners go through emotional ups and downs. We all juggle lives, kids, and sometimes even a full-time job!

If you’re struggling with your brand and would like to just chat with someone in the creative field, let me know. I truly love helping other bosses make their dream jobs come true.

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