3 ThingsTo Never Do On Your About Page!

You could be very bland.

Have you checked the your about page on your site? Maybe you haven’t looked at it since you started your business 3 years ago?

The truth is, that although you might not pay attention to the About Me page, your dream clients are.

Here’s the top 3 things that you should NEVER do on your about page.

1. Forgetting to make a human connection is the MOST horrible mistake you can do. Forget pretty colors, large images, and design altogether. If you don’t build rapport with your client, they’ll never come back.

The goal of an about page is to provide key information about the business and what it can do for it’s clients. Don’t just throw your contact information up there and call it a day. Add a little mood, style, or pizzazz (yes, I said pizzazz).

Keep your audience awake and interested by introducing the mission, promise, and services that will ease the pain. Introduce the staff. if you’re a solopreneur, show them why you love what you do. Tell them how you came to being the boss in your industry.

But keep it short and make it about them. For example, how does your mission help them achieve their dreams? How does your experience qualify you to work on their health/car/etc? Start by discussing their pain points and how you will help alleviate them. Your goal is to build a relationship that eventually will make them hire you.

2. Not using images is the second common mistake I see. We’re human. We’re attracted to pretty photos of anything from kittens to motorcycles. We’re also quite nosey so we love to see what the owner of a business looks like. Choose an image that fits your brand. If you’re a lawyer, I’d suggest a suit and indoor shot at your desk. If you’re a health coach, you might want to attract your viewer’s attention with a photo of you on a hike (preferably as it was starting and with excellent lighting – you get the point). Show them your personal brand.

3. Not adding testimonials is another no-no. Your readers came to the about page to find out more about you, so add a few testimonials to sweeten the deal. This helps cement the relationship you’ve been building in your content and adds truth when you say you’re a badass insert your title .

The about page is one of the hardest pages to construct. I know. I’ve been there. The balancing act between talking about yourself but not seeming self-absorbed is difficult to manage. The best you can do is add some testimonials, images and edit your copy until it’s perfect.

Feeling frustrated and embarrassed that the page that helps you build relationships with clients  is, well, horrible? Sign up and we’ll chat. We’ll figure out what the real problem is and the solutions to getting the job done right.

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