In the video below I share some of my tips for a great landing page. A landing page can be a sales page, a subscription page or a page you really want to promote.

Please note that this video is a replay and the promotions mentioned in the video are no longer available.

Together we’ll be honing into your landing page, making it more organized, easy to read and making you money as great landing pages should.

You can create your landing pages using your own website, leadpages or MailChimp depending on how much you’d like to invest.
Then all you need to do is add the landing page you’ve created to your site by linking it in a menu or call to action button.


Here are the 3 things you need to focus on for a great landing page:

Nº 1 Avoid Distractions

Minimize any distractions on your landing page like, sidebars, something that links out of your site, and even navigation.

Nº2 Be Careful when using Stock images

I get that you may not have the budget for getting branded images. However avoid obvious stock photography and be particularly careful with photos of people.
A great place to get stock images that don’t look like stock images is: deathtothestockphoto.com they send you a pack of free images once a month as well as a bonus pack when you subscribe.

Nº 3 CTAs (Calls to action)

If you have a long landing page include several CTAs throughout the page and vary them so that they don’t all say the same.
A good tip I heard from Luisa is to use the phrase “I want to….” in your CTA’s, for example “I Want a sparkling brand”

Make sure to include images of yourself and a quick bio so people know who they’re buying from. Another great way to build trust is using testimonials, if you’re starting out you may not have a lot of testimonials, but you can offer a 30 minutes free coaching or value and ask for a testimonial in return.

And every time you mention you’re an expert insert a testimonial calling out your awesomeness.
For example, if you say: “This program will help you kick but” below this content have a person saying “yah this is true it will help you kick but sign up!”

Edit, then edit again.

Now that you have reviewed your landing page go over it and see if everything has a reason to be there. If it has no reason to be there and it’s not helping your goal to get sign ups or purchase then remove it.



A landing page is there to get people’s emails, have them sign up for something or buy your products. So don’t forget these 3 tips for a great landing page:

  1. Remove all distractions (navigation, sidebar, stuff on the footer, links to other people)
  2. Be careful with stock images (use images that look and feel natural)
  3. Focus on the CTA’s (if it’s a long page add a few more, and speak to your client’s pain points)

Once you’re done: Make sure there is a reason for everything on your landing pages.

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