Go to your website, squint, and try to read the text. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.


Great! Could you read it? Did the text blur together with the background? If you couldn’t easily read your site, others are definitely having the same issue.

Here’s a couple of tips for an easy to read site (Click here to see the video!).

1. Contrast is the most important because it can make or break the site readability. The best contrast is black and white. Once you start getting into grays and colored text, things can get a bit trickier. If you’re not working with a website designer, keep things simple. Make the text black and the background of your site white.

2. When it comes to text, size does matter. Fonts that are too small will be hard to read, especially combined with number 1. A few years back there was a trend where text would be smaller. Now, normal text is about 13 to 15 points. More than that, and it’s going into headline territory.

3. Personality fonts are awesome, but not when they’re overly “creative” and small. I get it. We all love super cool fonts where we can barely tell what letter we’re seeing – at a size 30 font. Instead, keep your personality font only on headlines or bigger text.

4. Give it all some breathing room! Make sure paragraphs are less than 3 sentences long. Add a bit of space between paragraphs ore even adding extra space or an image between whole ideas or sections of a page. Your goal is to give people a pause to take a break and digest everything you’ve done.

Then, take all other copy and change it to something simple. Try Arial, Helvetica, and even Veranda. These are web friendly fonts that are also simple, clean, and modern.

Want to see it explained in person?

Here’s your action item list:

1. Squint and check for how well you can read your site.

2. Check the contrast.

3. Check the size.

4. Change up, or minimize the use of, your personality font.

5. Give it all some room to breathe!

That’s it! You’ve now got a great site that easy to read for your users. Want more awesome BOSS tips? Sign up for our webinar series: Badass Boss Chats!

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