4 quick tips to level up your homepage design

Just like you sometimes need to freshen up with a cut and color, your homepage needs to level up.

A homepage isn’t meant to live as it was designed forever. From experience, homepages for service based small businesses should be edited every 3 months. This includes editing headlines, CTAs (calls-to-action) and updating a few images.

If you’re a product based business, such as home goods, you might need to change it at least once a week with the new product images coming in.

Here are the top reasons to keep your homepage fluid.

1. You to need constantly answer your target market’s questions and concerns.

You probably did a ton of research into your target market but the way they describe their issue could change. For example: your target market might not say “I want to be healthy” instead they could say “I want to look hot for my high school reunion. A few months later, it could be “I want to look good for the summer.”

Although the solution is the same, the description of it changes.

2. You can test what CTAs convert better.

Even if you don’t have access to a full A/B test, you can still switch up the position or copy of a CTA (calls to action) and check your google analytics to see if it makes an impact over time. Sometimes, it can be as simple as switching up a button’s position to get the maximum result.

3. You can revamp your free offer that leads into your email list.

If you have a freebie that gets people onto your email list, and it’s not doing the job, the homepage is great for simply tweaking the copy or switching to another freebie. Even if it’s similar to what you’ve already created it could still entice your audience to get into your sales funnel.

4. You evolve just as your clients do.

We all change. We get older, and hopefully, wiser. So do your clients! This is where you can make a decision – grow with the client or attract new clients. Both decisions will lead to changes.

For example: The new prospects could have changed up the preferred language, brands, and even apps. Think tech savvy youngsters!

Keeping your homepage up to date, with information on services, contact, and freebies will help you look professional, like an expert, and not just a business that could disappear in a few months.

Need help deciding if you need a bit of freshening up or a complete do-over? Click here to schedule a free call today.

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