5 common non-design website mistakes.

The prettiness of a website is often the only thing my clients focus on when working with me – but there’s so much more that goes into building a website!

Lots of website mistakes are made during the setup phase.

Here’s a quick list to help you tackle these road bumps before they cost you potential clients.

Keep the domain name simple. The domain name is the address of your website – such as RoblesDesigns.com. Imagine that your dream client heard your web address and is trying to google it to find you. Perhaps someone lost the business card they grabbed and is unsure of the unique spelling.

Keeping it short and simple will ensure that your user finds your site and ultimately works with you.

Don’t slow down your user. Not only will Google ding you for having a slow website, your dream client will go somewhere else. Nobody wants to wait for content to load on a site.

Not keeping your website updated. Yes, I’m also prone to forget to update software, etc but it’s a must! Keeping everything updated – from plugins to the overall system – will help your site stay secure.

Secure your site. Get an SSL. This changes your http to https and you’ll also see some SEO love as well as helping your visitor feel secure.

Stop redirecting your visitors to mobile only versions when they’re on their phones. This happens a lot when your designer built your site and forgot (or didn’t know how) to add responsiveness. The domain name for your site on desktop needs to match your mobile.

Use a professional email. Get rid of the @gmail, @yahoo and all the others out there. Instead, purchase the email using your domain name. Mine is yasmine@roblesdesigns.com This makes you seem legit and here to stay.

Build your site on a platform where YOU’RE in control. Make sure you can download your files to backup the website. You don’t want to be left out in the cold when your website provider decides to shut it’s doors.

Start collecting emails, now. You might have a big following on Instagram and Facebook but as soon as they change their rules – your followers might not even see your content without you forking over lots and lots of money.

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