5 things to know when hiring a web designer

It can get pretty ugly and I don’t mean the website. Ending up with the wrong designer can delay your launch and be an overall headache for the both of you. There are many horror stories.

I’ve heard about other designers disappearing without providing the work or under-delivering on a project. It can destroy your trust in others when it happens to a budding entrepreneur.

Be assured that great designers that care about their clients far outnumber the bad ones. As a designer, I can often spot when a client – designer relationship will falter, with no fault to either side.

It can be that the designer doesn’t have the experience required for the project, doesn’t know how to visually focus their client’s brand,  or perhaps the two just don’t jive.

How do I know this? Early this year I hired a freelancer to assist with overload of work. Unfortunately, it only added more stress, made the work take longer, and eventually left me picking up the pieces with a sour taste in my mouth.

But it wasn’t her fault. If I had heeded my own instincts and made changes to my process instead of expecting her to act like she had my level of experience (she was a very young designer), things might have turned out better for the both of us.

As a client, you should make sure that the designer you’re working with is worthy of your business brand. Here’s 5 ways to figure out who they are!

1. Make sure that they have a portfolio available.

Don’t hire a web designer that doesn’t easily have a showcase of work or better yet, their own website! Do you feel comfortable on their site? What are your initial thoughts on the work they’ve done in the past?

2. What’s in their portfolio?

Speaking of their work, are there a lot of websites project completed or are they mostly print pieces? There’s a difference in creating an amazing poster and a kick-ass website and often-times, it’s hard for one to learn the other. Ultimately, I wouldn’t want to hire a print designer to create a site and a web designer to work on a brochure.

3. What do you know about the designer?

If you can’t figure anything out about them, don’t hire them. Unless, it’s a company with many designers working on one project, you should be able to find a bio.

Read through their about page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram, and any other place you can find them. How do you feel? Do you think you can you sit back, coffee in hand, and chat about your website goals? Perhaps you find yourself feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Follow your gut instinct. If the about page doesn’t create a bond with you, don’t hire them!

4. Can you see what they look like or are they hiding?

Along with number 3, make sure that there are images available to look through. What’s three things that you already know about this designer with only scanning it quickly? Make sure you know what your potential designer looks like.

5. What you pay is what you get.

And finally, if the price is cheap, your work will look cheap. If they say that turnaround is only a day or 2, send them my way because I want that magic wand! A designer who truly knows how the digital realm works, knows that a site can’t be done in a day, or even 2!

A couple take-aways are: Making sure that you feel comfortable with the designer working on your site and finally, cheap price equals cheap design.

Now that you know the 5 most important things when hiring a designer here’s what I want you to do:

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