5 Ways To Get An Amazing Landing Page!

Stop what you’re doing!

What link are you giving to your clients? Did you know that the worst thing you can do is send clients to the homepage? What’s the best way to convert your clients? Landing pages, baby!

A landing page is where you’ll send a certain set of your audience from an ad, email, or any other campaign you’re running that involves the client clicking on your link. They can be an opt-in page, a place to download your e-book, or a coupon for your service.

These specialized pages allow you to target the audience and offer something specific to them, hopefully while capturing their information such as email, or just who they are and what product they ended up choosing.

Oh my gosh, this is just too much. I need some help!>>

For example, let’s say you’re a lipstick loving, city dwelling, fashionista and you see an ad online about some gorgeous new leopard print heels from a cute little boutique. You click on the ad and get sent to… the homepage?

But wait, where are your heels? Should you just browse? Should you search for them? Nope. You just close that browser window and continue pondering the meaning of life, or if your boss knows you’re shopping while on the job.

Your homepage, my dear, isn’t a landing page. What would have happened if the owner of that boutique had sent the potential customer to their leopard print collection page entitled, “Put The Wild, Back In The City.” With clickable product everywhere and a catchy headline, you’d of hooked that fashionista in a hot second.

But fret not, if you’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve gathered my top 5 mistakes commonly seen with clients:

1. Plan it out! I’ve been there. Anxious to place my Facebook ad that I forgot my own rule! Write out the purpose or goal of the ad and the steps you want your viewers to take. For example, if you’re targeting a fashionista with your ad about the newest shade of red everlasting lipstick, where will she expect to be taken? To your homepage that talks about how eco-friendly your makeup is? No.

You will either have to take her to the product page or direct her to a collections page that is connected to red lipsticks. If your goal is to have her buy that lipstick, then take her to the product page. Was your goal to show her all the fierce everlasting lipsticks? Create a collections page with all the lipstick shades showing. This makes it easy for her to click the “Add to Cart” button.

2. Add a headline. Make it short and to the point. Going back to the lipstick collection page: add the headline above the fold (meaning it’s still visible without having to scroll). Let’s go with “Lipsticks With Attitude”. I know it’s corny, but work with me here. Make sure that it connects with the ad they clicked on. Use the same font treatment so that she knows she’s on the right track to getting the fiercest shade.

3. Add some copy. Depending on your business, this might not really pertain to you. Kate Spade uses minimal copy. Their focus is the product and the images. Are you a health coach promoting your newest downloadable quick-start guide? You’ll want to add copy that resonates with the viewer.

Tell the reader how it will help their pain points. Keep the text treatment simple and above all else, easy to read. This means breaking up out large paragraphs and using bullet points.

3. Add images that fit your brand. Let’s go back to the lipsticks with attitude page. Why not shoot your new line of lipsticks standing up in a row from the most electrifying pink to the lushest of reds? If you’re that health coach, why not a shot of you in a modern (yet comfy) looking living room with a tea in one hand and your book casually on the coffee table (or tea table, whichever you prefer).

4. Hide that navigation! Depending on how you’re building your landing page, you might want to see if you can hide any of your menus across the top or the sides. It will minimize distractions. Again, it depends on the business. If you’re a retailer, this might not work for you since you might want the fashionistas to look through all your eco-friendly makeup.

There’s so much more to having a landing page that converts well but with these few tips, I’m sure your audience will be signing up, reading your content, or buying your Lipsticks with Attitude.

What’s your number one tip for a perfect landing page? What’s your biggest pet peeve? As always, you can email me at yasmine@roblesdesigns.com. Here’s to a beautiful day and an even better site!

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