A to Z Branding and Website Tips Video Series: A is for Audience

Welcome to the first iteration of the A to Z branding & website tips!

I created this series to support entrepreneurs get quickie tips that can easily be applied to their site, brand, and business. Watch the short video and keep reading!

Today’s letter is A, which stands for audience.

Knowing your audience is essential to a business that thrives, and by audience, I mean your dreamiest of dream clients. You need to know things like demographics, or the facts about them. This can include age, sex, where they live, if they have kids (and how many), where they work, etc.

After knowing those basic facts, you need to understand what makes them tick. These are things like pain points, brands they love, music they listen to, coffee shops they frequent, and even how they feel about their lives.

Here’s the big reason WHY you need to know this info:

You can’t sell to people you don’t know.


People won’t buy from people that don’t understand them.

So if you’re a health and wellness coach, your quickie research might be:

“My client is a 35 year old mom with a 2 year old. She’s a homeowner, married, making X per year with a spending budget of X. She aspires to shop at places like Kate Spade and is a self described girly-girl. She’s afraid she’s no longer sexy since she’s had her son. Since he was born, she’s been trying diet after diet to get back into shape but always gains it back. She’s tired, stressed, and it’s affecting her marriage.”

Now that is a mini profile you can base graphics, branding, websites, and even ads on!

Share in the comments: what’s your dream client’s mini profile?

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