A to Z Branding and Website Tips Video Series: B is for Branding

Between networking, building a plan, marketing, and even posting ads on Facebook, branding a business can sometimes take the backseat. Definitely, not ideal.

Today’s letter for the A to Z Branding & Website Tips is B, which stands for… BRANDING!

Check out the quick video or keep reading for the lowdown.

Here’s the 3 main areas that affect the way your brand (A.K.A. your business) is perceived:

1. The graphics aren’t consistent.

Let’s say your lead goes to your amazing Instagram page filled with girly quotes and pop culture references. Then she goes to your website where the tone is subdued and even a tad-bit masculine. It’s those 3 to 5 seconds where she wonders if this is the same company she saw on Instagram that the trust factor goes down.

2. You’re not connecting with your dream client.

It could be that the graphics feel too feminine for your target market or the copy uses too much jargon. Any of these become a turn off. Know your dream client and where they’re at. An optometrist isn’t going to (or shouldn’t be!) be putting lots of medical terms on their homepage – because the layperson won’t understand any of it!

3. Your physical location is different from your digital presence.

Guess what, if your storefront looks great but your website looks shabby – will a customer who just found you online be willing to visit? Nope. Your physical appearance should match, not only what’s expected, but also every other customer facing portal!

Here’s my fave example: A florist had a great website and since it was custom made decor, no storefront. Phone calls were great and sales visits with client amazing. The bad branding happened when the final floral arrangement were delivered. The delivery person had on an old t-shirt while driving a beat up car that had no signage – not even a magnetic one. Can you see where the break in kickass branding happened?

Here’s the main takeaway: Branding is everything you do that reaches your customer. Whether it’s the way the clerk presents themselves in your shop to the checkout process of your website. You want it to look and feel seamless and like the same company.

When it comes to visuals, staying consistent and simplifying is the key. If you only use yellow and blue on your website, don’t use pink and green on a sign or Instagram post. Keep it simple and classy!

This is why designers are great at what they do. They get to know you, your style, and make it easy to be consistent while attracting your dream clients.

What’s your take on branding? Have everything set up or are you still working on where to focus the brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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