How to add some pizzazz to your site!

Ever land on a website and immediately see the personality connection between the owner of the site and the visuals? Maybe it’s the punk rock details that blend really nicely with the business owner’s vivid purple hair? Perhaps the owner of the site looks like she meshes really well with the sunshine and unicorns on the background?

A website can and SHOULD have pizzazz!

This is especially true if you’re a service based entrepreneur and the face of the company! Health coaches, business coaches, fitness gurus, and relationship guides, you can all have sites that resonates both with your ideal client and YOU.

Tweet: A website that pops with your personality is better than one that’s more bland than cardboard!

How do you evaluate your website’s personality? Here’s 3 ways:

First, imagine taking away your logo and switching out your copy for filler text (Lorem Ipsum). Can you still tell that it’s your site? Is it still attractive to your ideal client? Or have you realized that you could replace the logo with an auto mechanic shop and the site would still work?

Let’s say you’re a business coach who works with female entrepreneurs in the first year of business who aspire to buy from lux brands like Coco Chanel. Once your copy is switched to filler text and the logo removed, can you still tell the site is for your specific target market?

Click here to take the brand personality quiz (free brand guide included)!

Next, take a look at your images. If you’re going after the luxury style (and want to charge a luxury price), do your images reflect that? Compare the images to your mood board and if it looks cheesy, overdone, or stiff, change them out.

Finally, you can ask those in your ideal market to evaluate your site in exchange for a small service or consultation. Sit down with them and have them go through your site then, once they’re done, ask them open ended questions, such as:

What services are being sold? Who is it being sold to? What brand does this site remind you of? Give 3 words to describe the style of the site.

There you have it! 3 ways to see if your website has personality and if it resonates with your dream clients.

Wondering if your site has any personality? Comment below or join me at the Kickass Lady Bosses group! Chat soon!

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