assess your brand

I know what you’re thinking, “How could this take up an entire post?!”

Well, my impatient friend, assessing where you stand is the first thing way to create a business that’s not only consistent with your true self, it’s also appealing to your dream customers.

Meaning, paying clients.

The big thing: Get to know yourself and your brand! Here’s how to gather the info and put it to good use.

1. Write down 3 words that you’re striving your business to be branded with. You don’t literally have to put it on a headline, but you do have to be able to quickly whip them out when speaking with designers, copywriters, VAs and so on.

You could say “confident, sassy, and dependable.” It’s really the words you’d want your clients to say when they see your logo, website, and you.

2. Now ask 3 people that know you personally for 3 words that describe you. Even better if it can be 3 family members and 3 friends. Don’t make them think too much and ask them to not worry about offending you. An example is, “fun, flirty, and classy.”

3. Finally, it’s time to go to your clients. If you’ve got a few clients under your belt, ask a few for the same thing. This can go along with any other market research you’re doing and can be a great way to start the question and answer process.

Again, make sure it’s just the first 3 words that come to their mind when thinking of your business.

If you haven’t had any clients yet, no problem! Take a moment and find a few people that could fit into your target market. Buy them a coffee, give them a bit of free training, and at the end of the conversation ask about their first impression of you, in 3 words.

Now you can start analyzing the information you’ve collected.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s chat 🙂

Write out every single word and place a check mark for every time it was said. It’s ok if there’s no repeating words.

Now, on another piece of paper, create 2 columns, one for words that resonate with you (and your dream clients) and the other for words that you wouldn’t want associated with your business.

Example Column A for me could be: Fun, Sassy, Flirty, Feminine, Dependable, Creative… while Column B could be: Corporate, Cold, Know-it-all.

With this list of words, you have a guide for your brand visuals and voice. When creating content, speaking with your designer, or chatting about a sales page with your copywriter, keep this list handy to describe your brand.

Feeling a bit confused about your brand strategy? Let’s chat! You’ll get amazing insight about how to position yourself in the market, appeal to your dream client’s, and finally, get them to open their wallets. Click here to schedule a call 🙂

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