Behind the scenes: How I stay inspired in life and business!

Every so often, even a designer gets into the creativity blues. You likely know the symptoms.

Restlessness, distracted, and staring at a blank screen, canvas, or paper while hoping that something spectacular will slowly manifest itself. Whether you’re a designer, coach, or virtual assistant, you totally get it!

Here’s what I do to stay inspired and beat the creativity blues!

1. Step away. Walk away from whatever task you’ve been working in order to give your eyes something new to look at. Whether it’s wandering the hallways of your office building or taking short stroll outside, your head will become clear.

2. Pinterest, but no other social network. Pinterest is perfect to get inspired because it’s a visual format and you can search for just about anything! But I definitely mean, no other social media!

I’ve tried “clearing my head” by going to Facebook and other social media outlets and the only thing that happens is that I lose 3 hours in a dark hole of funny videos and political commentary. Make sure to also set a timer.

3. Switch tasks from digital to manual and vice-versa. If you’ve been typing up copy on your computer, go paint something with watercolors. A while back, I was completely stuck on how to code something that I just knew was staring me right in the face. So I put on some old clothes and started sanding an old china cabinet and prepping it for painting. When I finally went back to my computer, I instantly saw what was wrong and managed to fix it!

4. Read a book. I prefer to grab an actual book (you know, with paper and a cover) with a preference to fiction. Having an actual book avoids distractions from social media and email alerts and fiction because I digest so much non-fiction (blogs, audio books, podcasts, etc) that a little fantasy helps clear my mind.

5. Mini-Dance Session. This one is my favorite. I put on a favorite song and just jam out to it in the living room. It helps me stretch, gets me off my butt, and makes me cheerful and ready to take on any task.

6. Exercise. If you’re lucky enough to work from home or have the freedom to step into the gym for a bit, take advantage of it!

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