Behind the scenes: How I stay organized

As a boss lady, staying organized is always at top of mind. From scheduling when I’ll have family time to how much time I’ll be spending on a blog post, I write it all down! That doesn’t mean I’ve always been acting on those goals, though.

At the ripe age of (insert your guess here 😉  ) I’ve finally learned how to track my goals, use a planner, and push myself to finish things on my list.

First, it’s important to learn why it’s important.

Before I had my calendar and goal tracker, I was a WRECK. I felt like I was always running and NEVER getting where I needed to be. I was constantly having to play catch up. Family time was always intruded on by something and I never got enough sleep.

When I say I was a wreck, I mean it. Finally, I started getting my shit together.

Right now, I use 3 things to keep me on track: An online goal tracker (i.e. excel sheet), a combo of paper and digital planners, and motivation techniques.

My online goal tracker is a basic excel sheet that’s broken up into 3 months across the top. Note: I didn’t come up with this but it’s the most helpful thing ever.

The excel sheet is also broken down (on the left) into sections that pertain to the entire life, including love, money, career, etc. All I do is figure out the goal for each section in my life and then break it down into daily bite size pieces. Mine has black out dates for family activities, weekends, and so on.

My paper planner is from Commit30 and has been great! I put in a monthly goal(s) similar to that of the excel sheet, and carry it around with me almost all the time. For my online calendar, I use google. It’s synced to my iCal and has major events and phone calls.

For motivation techniques, I use a combination of journaling, speaking with my husband, and having non-negotiables.

The journaling is a written self reflection of what I’ve gotten done and where the gap was for other items. I acknowledge any misses as well as the feelings I get when I don’t hit my target. Finally, I set a promise. I write what I can expect from myself moving forward and this helps set the tone for starting again.

Staying accountable to someone is great! Especially when it’s my husband and he KNOWS I didn’t get something done because I was watching re-runs instead of working. It’s embarrassing to have someone know I’m not at my best and it pushes me to stay on track.

Lastly, I have things that CAN’T be canceled or moved. My main one is weekends with family. Because of this non-negotiable, I can’t slack off in the middle of the week and leave tasks for the weekend. If it doesn’t get done by Friday, it has to wait until Monday. This keeps me on my toes and my family happy to actually see me relaxed at the end of the week!

What tips do you have for staying organized and on top of goals? Let us know in the comments or at my Facebook group: Kickass Lady Bosses!

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