Brand + Site Intensive

One-on-one partnership for an entire day to level up your digital game.

It’s time to glitter bomb your brand.

Are you plagued by jealousy for other brands? Do you panic when people ask for your website? Have you even looked at your site lately?

Do you lie awake at night wondering why even the crickets didn’t bother showing up?

What if instead you had a brand that people flocked to? Imagine having a following, attracting the dreamiest of dream clients, and being inundated with requests for your services.

What would that do for your business? Would it double or triple your income? Would you have an amazing community on social media?

Would you fall in love with your business all over again?

Girl, what you need is some strategic brand sparkle.

This strategic 90 minute brand coaching session will laser focus your business, help you get visuals that will attract dream clients, and set you up with personalized step-by-step actions to up-level your brand.

You’ll be given:

An overhaul of your brand and hone your message.

A review to figure out what’s not working and what you need to MAKE it work.

Why you’re not attracting your ideal clients and what to do instead.

How to determine your brand strengths and amplify them.

Step-by-step ways to take you from a “me-too” brand to a standing out.

Ready to Up-level your brand?

Your investment is only:

$197 USD

Hey, I’m Yasmine!

Some call me a designer, others a brand stylist, but what I really am is an expert at glitter bombing brands.

With over 5 years of design experience within large and small companies, my passion lies in helping your brand flourish and embodying your personality. How? I take those fabulous tidbits that make you unique and show you how to strategically place them so that you #shinebrightlikeadiamond.

yasmine robles

The word on the street!

After having someone else tell me my website was “crap” and that I needed to redo everything, speaking to Yasmine Robles was a breath of fresh air. <3 After our talk yesterday, she gave me some amazing suggestions on how to really make my website more niche friendly. I’ve already implemented several of these steps and am so thankful for her generosity and kindness in helping me attract more clients. Yasmine, you are a gem! <3  If you’d like an honest website review, I would highly recommend you reach out to her asap! 🙂

Dina Marie Blas

This 90 minute brand intensive is for you if:

you’re truly ready to upgrade your business but not yet ready to shell out thousands for a full site redesign

you’re a new or DIY boss lady who has worked her butt off and is ready to finally get RESULTS

you’re done with being envious of other brands…and ready to be ENVIED!

you’re not willing to be another me-too coach

you’re DONE with business guessing games and ready for step-by-step strategies for your brand

you’re ready to love your brand again and get rid of the site shame

They just keep talking about me!

YASMINE is an extremely talented, passionate, and detail oriented designer… I would highly recommend [her] to do your next project!

Lauren Smith

The longer you wait to get your brand focused, the longer you’ll push clients away.

When you have confidence in your brand, potential clients will have confidence in you. They’ll understand the value you offer. And you’ll never have to be ashamed again!

Ready for some sparkle?

Your investment is only:

$197 USD

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