The Brand Sparkle Workbook

Focus your brand, know your clients, and kick some ass!

Inject personality into your brand!

You’re ready to quit your business. It’s been days, weeks, months of working on your business and not seeing the results. It’s just so frustrating that perhaps you even avoid the topic of your business at all costs. You’re ashamed.

After all that sweat, tears, and coffee, what do you have to show for it? No sales, discovery calls with people who never buy, and an email list of 3 people (one of which is your mom).

Imagine how amazing it would be to have a following for your business. Or never having to wonder what would appeal to your clients. Imagine, for  a second, having a tight handle on your market, competition, and dream clients. What would having extraordinary confidence in your brand do for your sales?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get your brand sparkle back?

This workbook is like a glitter bomb for your brand.

What It Covers:

You: Taking inventory of where you’re at and what people think of your brand. How can you move forward without knowing where you stand?

Target Market: You won’t just know your ideal client’s income or where they live, but you’ll also be guided to figure out everything from their hopes to their deepest fears!

Competition: Find out what others in your industry are doing and where your opportunities lie.

Starting Your Visuals: You’ll be able to create your mood board and basic brand guide!


35 page book on how to sparkle.

4 phases that break it down.

30 + questions that help you KNOW your dream client.

1 Competitive analysis/positioning chart.

1 SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis chart.

3 steps for a kickass mood board.

A brand board in 6 steps.

BONUS Videos from my branding challenge!

A sneak peek!

$30.00 USD

For A Limited Time Only

Hey, I’m Yasmine!

Some call me a designer, others a brand stylist, but what I really am is an expert at glitter bombing brands.

With over 5 years of design experience within large and small companies, my passion lies in helping your brand flourish and embodying your personality. How? I take those fabulous tidbits that make you unique and show you how to strategically place them so that you #shinebrightlikeadiamond.

yasmine robles

After having someone else tell me my website was “crap” and that I needed to redo everything, speaking to Yasmine Robles was a breath of fresh air. <3 After our talk yesterday, she gave me some amazing suggestions on how to really make my website more niche friendly. I’ve already implemented several of these steps and am so thankful for her generosity and kindness in helping me attract more clients. Yasmine, you are a gem! <3  If you’d like an honest website review, I would highly recommend you reach out to her asap! 🙂

Dina Marie Blas

A tight and focused brand.

Are you:

struggling to figure out your dream client?

so overwhelmed that you can’t even decide on a brand color?

filled with jealousy when seeing other people’s brand?

Did you know:

you need to understand your client down to their deepest fears?

you need to know what makes you tick?

that a SWOT and positioning analysis is essential to building your business? 

Yasmine is an extremely talented, passionate, and detail oriented designer… I would highly recommend [her] to do your next project!

Lauren Smith

Are you ready to get your sparkle back?

If you’re done with signing up for challenges and freebies or throwing things at the wall just to see what sticks, then workbook for you. It’ll cost you a week’s worth of lattes and the lessons will help set the foundation for a brand that is tight, focused, and attractive.

$30.00 USD

For A Limited Time Only

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