How to give your site a sense of urgency!

Want to know a trick many businesses use to get you to buy? You might already know it or have used it!

A sense of urgency.

This can come in the form of timers or clever headlines. On buttons reading “Buy Before It Sells Out!” or “Only 2 Left!” This little trick is used to get you to stop thinking and buy. Whether it’s a course or in the speech the presenter is giving in a webinar, it works!

Here’s 3 ways you can create the sense of urgency needed to achieve your goals:

Create a scarcity. People don’t want to be left out and fear not getting whatever it is you’re giving away. You can do this by limiting the seats in your course, limiting the number of promos allowed, or the number of products.

For example: If you’re selling an e-course, your website copy can speak to the limited number of students allowed in. It can read “Only 20 spots open for this amazing…” or “Only accepting 20 high-vibe entrepreneurs.”

On sites that sell tangible goods, they often show how many are left. For example: you’re browsing the books available to start your business and the one you want say “Only 2 Left!” It’ll be harder to justify you letting it go and not purchasing.

Another method of showing scarcity, similar to the first, is limiting the number of promotions allowed. I.E. “50% off my e-book for the first 50 people!”

Creating scarcity is mainly about the copy used in headlines and buttons.

Use a countdown (timer, clock, etc). This works great because the user literally sees their time running out. Here’s 2 places I’ve seen them:

Retailers – often used at the top of a site when you leave things in your cart or during a sale. It’ll show you how much time you have left before missing out.

Clients of mine have used countdowns for launches. These can include early bird pricing or the time that the cart officially closes.

The countdown often requires coding or a special GIF to be created by a third party.

Loss aversion – or the shopping cart urgency, as I like to call it. I’ve mainly seen this one when speaking to people who have items in their shopping cart. The headline often mentions something like “Items sell out fast!” Other businesses can use this with bonuses – you’ll lose out on them after a certain time. I’ve also seen this technique called “The Takeaway” because you’re threatening to take something away.

This final one is mainly all about the copy used in a headline or button.

Out of the 3, scarcity is the most popular among my clients because it’s easier to implement and edit. I also suggest starting out by adding it to a launch page such as for your e-course, e-book, or other product.

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  1. This is a great point. I have friends who run businesses, and they always offer a “discount” (even though they never have the intention to charge full price) because it makes people feel like they’re getting a deal. Same principle here, I think. Thanks!

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