How to create a website that converts!

I’m going to throw you a #truthbomb right now.

Your website isn’t supposed to look pretty. It’s supposed to CONVERT.

Whether you’re a non-profit, life coach, or dentist, everything on your website should have a purpose. This doesn’t mean you should throw whatever graphic you create in 2 seconds. It also doesn’t mean you get to use the “mom pants” version of a website.

You get to make sure that each element on your website is there to work for you!

Here’s 3 examples:

1. Pop-ups – although I have a love hate relationship with these, when done right, they can convert users to increase your email list, take a survey, or follow you on Facebook.

The worse version of a pop-up I’ve seen? It was the most beautiful design of a hand illustration and… That was it. The call-to-action was missing and the copy was not easy to read, or understand its context.

2. Sidebar – There’s a specific hierarchy that should be met on a sidebar in order to really make it work for you but before you get into that, where does one even go? On the blog.

Sidebars are meant to support you by giving the reader a taste of who you are then providing additional links to show that you’re the expert in your field 😉

On the other hand, when used everywhere else on the site, they run the danger of distracting from your main message. For example, placing them on a sales page will get the potential client distracted instead of clicking the “BUY NOW” button. To learn more about sidebars, click here.

3. Links on your site should rarely go out. The entire goal of your site is for a.) readers to keep seeing your articles, b.) purchase something, or c.) contact/follow you in some way.

If you are constantly linking them away, for example, to a social media site, you run into the distraction issue again. I.E. On Facebook, they see that their bff from high school just had a baby and get lost in all the pictures of the new wrinkly human being.

Link with intention. Don’t have too many links out of your site and when selling (services or products) don’t give the site visitor too many clicks just to get to the payment portal.

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