How to create the perfect web form!

Online forms can be a valuable asset to any business.

From figuring out what your target market really wants to getting feedback on your current offerings, you want them to convert.

But it’s easy to make mistakes with forms. Here’s a few questions you need to ask yourself when creating (or recreating) your forms.

Is it too long?

The type of form (medical versus business survey, etc) will dictate how long your form should be. Keep in mind the context. If your target market is filling this out to get entered to win a prize, they’ll likely want it to be a quick 1 or 2 step process.

If your user is filling out a form for medical purposes, you really might need all that information plus an added security feature to keep it all safe.

In my experience, forms should generally be about 3 or 5 questions long for users that aren’t fully invested in your service or for feedback. Longer ones are reserved for information that’s important to know before starting a project, like the one I give clients for branding purposes.

Is it overwhelming?

This is 2 parts. Is it long (see above) and does the layout need work? Often, even when the form needs to be long, your designer can lay out the form in a way that will help ease the experience.

You can do this by using images, different copy, increasing the negative space, or adding more pages but less questions per page.

Is it mobile friendly?

Does your form look and function great on any device? I typically use plug-ins or external methods to create forms for clients and testing for mobile friendliness is a big plus. Here’s why:

Let’s say your lead sees a link to your form on their phone while browsing Facebook. Great! They click on it and get taken to the form. When they get to it, they need to zoom in or out to see it properly or it takes too long to load.

What will they do? Go back to browsing their social media, that’s what.

There’s a ton more that goes into building a form, such as seo, copy used, and how to gather the data – all this you can speak with your designer about.

Have questions? Want me to check out your form and give a few pointers? Click here to set up a chat!

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