Ashley Kaylor Matchmaking

A website with touches of glitz, femininity, and lux…

Ashley Kaylor’s site is unlike the typical matchmaker’s. Instead of the cutesy hearts and pink cupids, it embodies exactly the style that her audience is looking for. It’s not over the top with florals – you know the sites that look like they’re in a purgatory of a 3rd grader’s valentine’s day card collection?

Ashley Kaylor’s website was approached with clean minimalism in mind. The gold leaf detail, a favorite of Ashley’s, give the site the extra oomph to take over the world.

Ashley Kaylor Matchmaking

The goal: A website and digital brand with a modern and minimalistic feel – not at all cliche matchmaker (meaning no cupids, hearts, and pink arrows)! Check these goals off because this site looks spectacular.

Most of it is set on a white background with simplistic text and borders. The gold leaf touches – especially on main headlines – brings out the lux styling of the brand.

My favorite part: The gold leaf is used in only a few places. This makes it a great way to highlight the important things while not making the website gaudy or off-putting.

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