Upcoming Events

Wine + Websites

In person // Recurring

Location: Haven Collective – 2025 Riverside Drive Powell, Ohio 43221

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Wine + Websites

Online // Recurring

Location: Your computer!

This monthly live webinar covers the same topics as the in person meeting plus reviewing websites, getting tips and tricks, and sneak peeks into processes.

How To Create A Brand Board For Your Business, Blog or Side-Hustle

In person Training Course

Location: Haven Collective – 2025 Riverside Drive Powell, Ohio 43221

Starting a business, side-hustle or blog? This class will show you the methods designers use to create a brand guide/board that is not only easy to use, but helps keep you looking professional and on point.

You’ll get the strategies for:

Choosing a brand font
Choosing a colors scheme
Creating a mood board
Strategies for starting a logo
Resources for obtaining images
And how to apply this to the rest of your business

Each participant gets a free 30 minute chat with me, owner of Robles Designs, to go over your brand board and get any additional questions answered!

Rockstar Websites

In person // 2 week course

Location: Haven Collective – 2025 Riverside Drive Powell, Ohio 43221

We already know every business needs to have their own website. So what’s been in the way of your inspiring vision for a website? This workshop helps you get a stellar website, one that you’ve built, know how to maintain and will grow with you.

Who is this for: DIY entreprenuers who want to start fresh on an updated site and for those who have yet to even pick out a name! You’re good at what you do, now create a site that shows it!

When: We’ll meet 2 Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm at Haven Collective.

Part 1 – The foundations of a site strategy which will stop overwhelm in it’s tracks! We’ll go through site goals, the types of websites, all the way through purchasing a domain name and hosting (if you don’t know what those 2 things are – join us and find out!). We’ll also create the bones of your site with support from the class.

Part 2: Create and flush out the site while adding must have features like email capture, analytics and amazing images.

You’ll also get access to me via email for the two weeks!

How to Use Canva for Social Media

In person Training Course

Location: Haven Collective – 2025 Riverside Drive Powell, Ohio 43221

Canva is a free tool for graphic design that uses a drag-and-drop format. Once you have a handle on it, it’ll help you create images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Canva is perfect for non-designers because it offers fonts, colors, templates, and even stock images to use. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics!

This class will focus on teaching you how to create social media posts for your business, blog or side-hustle!

What we’ll cover:

• creating the canva account

• and overview of the tools

• describing dimensional templates and when to apply them

• how to upload your branded images

• how to choose a brand-right font and change colors

• proper ways of exporting images

• naming conventions

Canva is perfect for small businesses, DIY entrepreneurs and hustlers of any level. RSVP today – spots are limited!

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