Today I’m going to be sharing my strategies for planning out a website. This is to help you avoid any problems with having to redo your website or copy and getting clear on what you’re trying to achieve with each specific page in your website.

My name is Yasmine and I’m the boss lady at Robles Designs. We create websites that sell and brands that are drool-worthy! If you’re envious of somebody else’s website come to us! Our favorite clients are entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on taking over the world!

Now let’s get down to my secret methods!

I know many people who have jumped right into creating their website, and then they’ll need to go back and do them. They went in blind! These strategies will help you figure out what your goals are, who will be seeing it, and what your brand style is.

Now I cover this more in detail in my group program but suffice to say, you need to get yourself a plan and here’s how.

Grab a few pieces of paper, make sure you get enough pieces of pages, one for each of your site pages. And write out the name of the page you’ll be working on at the top. Let’s say it’s your about page.

First write down the exact goal for that page.

You should do your goals in 3 levels, you should have your: number 1 goal, 2 and 3 in order of importance.

An about page is tricky because it’s not really to tell your dream clients about you. Instead, it’s about telling them why you’re the person that will solve all their problems.
So the main goals could be, to show why you’re the expert, hint at the solution that you offer, and either invite them on a call or to get your freebie.

Now write out the how.

This is how you’re going to achieve your goal. Will you be using multiple calls to action? What sort of copy will you use? Will there be a popup or exit popup that will show a freebie? Or will you link to your freebie throughout?

Finally, sketch out the plan for your site.

Yes! Sketch it out. Just draw some squares and lines for copy. Don’t worry about making it clean this is to help you know your desired structure for each page.
It will also give you a better idea on what size images you need, amount of copy, and headlines. And so you’ll be able to prepare everything you need for your site.


  1. Grab a piece a paper and write down in each piece of paper the name of the pages you’ll need.
  2. Write down your goals for specific page,
  3. How you’re going to achieve your goals,
  4. and sketch out your pages.

That’s it for today! If you want more helpful tips, don’t forget to check out our Freebies! and take our 3 day Brand Challenge!

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