Quick Tip: DIY Font Pairing without driving yourself crazy!

Fonts are often taken for granted when it comes to branding a company.

Sure, you’ll give the color scheme a lot of thought and will choose the images used on your website carefully, making sure that every inch is resonating with your ideal client, but what about the text?

Th font selection, and use, for your business can make or break the brand.Choose the wrong font and you run the risk of looking childish instead of polished. Corporate instead of casual.

Here’s my quick and dirty font selection tips for the DIY entrepreneur.

1. Simplify your choices. I always recommend having 2 fonts max (3 if you really want to get fancy) with 1 having flair and the other being a simple font.

My two fonts are Playfair Display and Helvetica. Playfair is the personality font for my brand while Helvetica is used for all other items like subheadings and call-to-action buttons. I do have a third one that’s mostly used on social media images: Good Vibes. It’s reserved for one word highlights and only when I want a slightly more feminine flair.

2. Consider the readability. When deciding on a font, look at it in different sizes from 10pts to 72 pts. Is it easy to ready in all sizes? If not, and you still love the font, you get to reserve it as a personality font and use it only on headlines or where large text is required.

3. Establish guidelines. After choosing your fonts, make sure you know what their purpose is. For example, a personality font will be used as a headline or to make certain sentences/words pop off the graphic while the secondary font will be used for body copy, subheadings, and call-to-action buttons.

Knowing what to use in specific situations will help make your life easier when creating graphics.

4. Best pairing: opposites. Want an easy pair of fonts? Look for the opposite styles. For example: a script font such as Good Vibes with a modern and plain font like Arial. Or a serif style font like Playfair with Helvetica. Want everything to look modern and prefer to stick to the same font family? Use a bold one like Lato with a thinner version as a subheading. Here’s a more in depth look at font pairing >

Want more guidelines? Click here to read my biz owner’s quick guide to fonts >

The only pairing I don’t recommend unless you really want to pay attention to sizing and dominance: Script fonts with serif fonts such as Good Vibes with Playfair.

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