The essentials of a sale page that converts! Part 2

A sales page can be easy to create once you have a layout that truly works for you and CONVERTS site visitors. Below is the second part of the layout you need to get started.

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4. Finally, you talk about you. Introduce yourself, not your degrees. Connect through vulnerability in your story or why you’re passionate about what you do. If appropriate, insert a fun fact.

5. The next section is all about the breakthroughs your client will have with the program, course, or product. Keep it concise and make sure to keep connecting the the issues they’re having.

6. Here’s the testimonial section. Think of it this way, you just connected with your client, introduced yourself, then gave specifics on your offering. Now back it up with at least one testimonial. This shows that others think you’re awesome, not just you!

7. Now that your lead has been warmed up a bit more with the testimonials, you can give the details. For example, a course would describe each module. A life coach would describe a bit more of the nitty gritty work or the schedule for the program.

8. Here, you get to describe bonuses, if any. For example, if your lead purchases before a specific date, they get a free one-on-one call with you.

9. The “BUY NOW” button. Make it easy to spot, read, and click! You can actually add the buy now button between sections 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 if you’d like.

10. Q&A (or FAQs)

Optional items:

Sense of urgency is great to make people buy. This can take form of a countdown clock or just a headline stating that the chance to purchase ends soon.

It can be placed right after or before a BUY NOW button. As the time gets closer, or depending on your preference, you can also place this sense of urgency in a thin bar at the top of the page.

Payment options, if you’d like to offer them, can take the place of the BUY NOW sections. Some prefer to have it as a separate option towards the bottom with the other BUY NOW buttons linking to a full price payment. If you’d like to have it at the bottom, it should be placed before the Q&A/FAQ section.

Another payment button can take it’s place as the very last section, in case the user scrolled that far down.

A final word: depending on your needs, you won’t require all of these sections. These sections could also be shorter or longer – depending on the copy available.

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