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Long or short web pages? Which do you prefer? Both work well on the web, although personally, I’ve found that the trend is going towards longer pages.

The length of a webpage doesn’t matter. It’s about the layout and how valuable the content is to the user. You can’t have one without the other.

So how do you get users to scroll?

Give them some eye candy that guides them through the page. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Get a snazzy headline in front of them as soon as they land. It can be your mission or a promotion – it just needs to be in their face. Then tell them what to do. Give them the option of scrolling or clicking a CTA (call-to-action).

Make sure the imagery is engaging. Don’t have the funds for a full photoshoot yet? No problem! Quality stock photos that match your brand are a bit tough to find, but when you do, it’s great! Put them in the background and go.

2. Guide them down with a visual cue. Keep it simple and unobtrusive. Like a subtle whisper hinting at them instead of yelling “HEY CHECK OUT WHAT’S DOWN HERE!”

This can usually be done with a very thin arrow that’s not 100% opaque. Don’t have the capability to do that on your own – or don’t want to?

End the hero image (top most image on the page) a little above the typical laptop height. You’re basically aiming to give a peek at what’s below and using the height of a laptop screen to gauge it. Mine (depending on the screen size) is about 750px tall.

3. Insert a lite animation. I mean LITE. No GIFs or videos unless it’s for a specific purpose. Instead, test what a parallax effect would do for you. Choose the image wisely – making sure it doesn’t detract from the main goal or readability.

Pair the parallax background with an image above it and start getting awesome effects that only occur if a user is scrolling, which means they’ll likely keeps scrolling.

4. Give users a way to easily access the navigation. Whether that’s with a sticky nav, a back to top button, or other method, make it simple. If you’ve ever been to an e-commerce page, have scrolled halfway down on a category page – then tried to scroll back up as fast as possible in order to get to the top, yeah, it’s annoying.

Check out additional articles about navigation here and here.

5. Make sure your content is actually something your target market WANTS to see. If your tribe wants info on travel and you’re page is all about how you apply makeup – no amount of awesome web layout will get them to engage.

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