How to add holiday cheer to your website!

Hot chocolate, warm cookies, and beautiful lights that make your evening seem magical. The holiday season is here and you really, REALLY want to add some of that cheer to your website!

I received this question from a member of my Kickass Lady Bosses group:

“How do I add a little holiday glam to my site without spending too much time or having it look cheesy?”

Here’s 3 easy ways to add a bit of the holidays to your website.

1. Switch up the logo. Ask your designer to add a little detail item to your logo or to switch up the color. Some will even create a tasteful GIF (moving image) but be careful. Gifs can sometimes move too abruptly and might end up disrupting the main message of the site.

As long as the change to your logo doesn’t make it recognizable or loses site of the main brand style, this is an easy way to add holiday cheer to your website.

2. Change the headlines. Focus on the key pages, such as the home page, about, and blog landing page. Come up with a short headline that acknowledges the holidays and replace old copy. Remember to back up what you had previously so you can place it back afterwards!

3. Change the colors. This one can often be a bit tricky. You need to choose what colors you’ll be switching or if you’re simply adding a holiday color, where it’ll go. Next, make sure that it’s not distracting from your main business visuals.

For example, if you’re adding red and green to the website, add it only as a thin double border around the main headline (the one all the way at the top of your page) and only on high traffic pages. This way it highlights the headline, adds some cheerfulness, and doesn’t distract.

Bonus: The pop-up!

Want to only switch up one thing? Have a pop-up on your website? Perfect. Simply change up the copy and switch the colors to a holiday look. There you go!

Questions? Comment below or join me at the Kickass Lady Bosses group! Chat soon!

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