How to crate amazing social media graphics - part 2

So you’ve gathered great images to use on your blog and social media posts. Perfect! Now you can start creating your amazing images with a few tools and guidelines.

Note: If you haven’t gathered your awesome images yet, you’ll want to check out part 1 by clicking here.

The tools I use for social media graphics creation range depending on where it’ll be used and the quality needed. Typically, I use or photoshop. Other tools that can also be used are PicMonkey and Pixlr.

No matter what tools you’re using, you’ll need to know these 3 basic tips for awesome images:

1. Think of the user! Where will your audience be able to see the graphic? If it’s a blog image, will it be easy to see on Pinterest (vertical images)? Will the graphic you created look great on both mobile AND desktop?

2. Keep everything cohesive! This tip makes it easier on you because you don’t need to recreate the wheel for each graphic but it also helps your graphics become recognizable to the user.

3. Keep it simple!  Just because your competition is doing 20 GIFs for one blog post, it doesn’t mean it’s right or appropriate for your brand. Think minimal text styles, brand colors, and treatments.

Now you get to watch this awesome video tutorial that will have you whipping out Canva graphics in no time!

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