How to crate amazing social media graphics - part 1

Boring social media images making you LOSE potential customers? Or worse! You haven’t even started creating graphics for your social media because you’re afraid it might look horrible?

I’m going to tell you an easy way to really get awesome images for your blog, Facebook posts, and beyond!

But first: Why on earth do you even need images?

Having graphics along with your social posts and blog help give a quick visual appeal to your audience. Humans love pictures. Even if the image has no text on it, they’ll still look at the graphic in order to get an idea of what they’ll soon be reading about. Images attract attention and direct your audience to your message!

Graphics also set the tone for your brand and attract your correct target market! Whether that’s using feminine images and attracting girly-girls, or soothing images that attract audiences that want to feel calm and relaxed.

So how do you go about choosing THE RIGHT images?

Depending on your budget and time, you might decide to go with one (or a combination) of these 4 choices:

  1. Free Stock images.
  2. Paid Stock Images.
  3. Professional company photos.
  4. DIY images.

None of these are better than the other if you know how to find and get the best photos to use!

Stock images, paid or unpaid, are perfect if you can’t yet get a photographer to shoot branded company photos. The thing to remember is that humans are hard to put into images and you have to make really sure that they’re not too stiff or unnatural looking. This can throw off your audience and make them wonder more about the image instead of your message!

Professional images are great. Make sure you get a sufficient amount for what you’ll be using them for and a great array of both vertical AND horizontal. Many of my clients end up having a hard time with their vertical images because it doesn’t fit the full-width image trend for sites.

DIY images are perfect for the person who wants to save money and has the time to shoot images again and again until it’s good enough to simply edit. Time consuming but money saving.

Overall, images should be well branded to your company and appeal to your target audience.

That’s it for part 1! Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week and make sure to comment any questions you might have.

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