How to create your first website

You’ve started your business. Congratulations!

This is such a big step in your life and you’re head is already spinning at all the necessary musts on your list. From starting social media accounts to networking and finally to the website, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

A website shouldn’t be an obstacle in your marketing!

You’re website is essential for communicating with your clients when you’re not available and even more important if you’re an online business such as a life coach.

The site introduces the visual brand to your dream clients and makes them more prone to say “YES!” when asked to purchase your products.

Here are 4 ways to create an easy website for the first baby steps your business takes.

1. Use a platform that is simple to use and within your budget. Whether it’s WordPress or Squarespace, pick one that will let you play around with the site and where the admin side (where you do all the work) is intuitive.

Side note: If using WordPress, I suggest you still pay for a theme (research first!) because free themes can come with bugs and many, many limitations.

2. Keep the site simple! You just started out and likely don’t have a budget for a professional copywriter to create pages and pages of content. Create the basic pages: homepage, about, contact, and maybe, if you really want to, a services page.

3. It’s ok to repeat images. Don’t think you have to spend money on 200 stock photos, not even 20! Purchase (or shoot) about 3 images and place them on your site strategically to make each page look slightly different.

Bonus: Buy the 3 images from a set, collection, or at least the same photographer so they all match in style and color.

4. Back it up. All of it. You never know if you’ll want to revert to copy used the prior year or if you’ll somehow lose all your content. That’s why you backup copy, images, and anything else that might be needed. You can take it one step further and take screenshots every time your page changes it’s messaging so that you can look back and see a history.

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