Congratulations on starting your business!

You’re on your way to gaining a following and getting clients. Now all you have to do is “make it pretty!”

But that’s when your stomach starts doing awful backflips.  “I’m not a designer!” you think. “And I don’t have the budget to hire anyone. What am I gonna do???”

Stop stressing, lady boss, because, I’ve got you covered. The following tips will help you get kickass brand visuals that are easy to manage.

1. Start with knowing yourself, your audience AND your competition. Figure out what style resonates with you. Then compare that to what your client’s expect and your competition.

Ask yourself: are you able to stand out with color? Will it be retro or modern. You need to strike a balance between showing your kickass personality and also appealing to your audience.

2. Now that you’ve made the decision for which style to follow, choose your power color. This is the color that resonates with you, fits your personality, and jives with your clients.

You can use a Pinterest board to collect images and narrow down your color. You can look online or try our branding quiz. Or you might already have a good idea.

Then start playing around on something like Canva. Use various circles with different colors until you find your perfect one.

Before heading over to the next step, write down your color codes. You’d be amazed at how disjointed a brand can become when you never use the same shade of pink.

3. Start choosing your personality font. This font is the pizzazz you need on things like titles, headlines, or calls to action.

Canva works great for this as well and many of their fonts are available for download on Google Fonts. Now, I know they’re all pretty but pick just one! You’ll avoid the headache of remembering a bunch of different fonts and avoid looking like a a 13 year old girl’s Myspace page.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is stay consistent and follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your text should be plain (think Helvetica) and colors should be just black and white. 20% should be your power or personality items.

That rule keeps your accents, personality fonts, and power colors truly special and important. Want to learn more about a DIY brand foundation? Check out my periscope video on this very topic!

Want a workbook to really hone in on your brand and build the most kickass business? Click here darling!

The Brand Sparkle Workbook

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