How To Get Brand Love!

A brand is successful when it’s constantly connecting with your audience. It’s about giving them guidance and helping them with their biggest problem.

True brand love is when your tribe follows your story, message, and style to the point where they’re sharing and, most importantly for your business, your tribe buys your services and products.

One way to start getting the tribe you want is to really know who they are, and are not.

You have to STOP trying to attract everyone. Stop saying that your client is anyone ranging from age newborn to the elderly. And at least get a consultation from a branding expert to make sure you’re on the right track.

You need to find out who you’re targeting in the market. Think about what you’re selling.

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For example: Is it organic soap? Although small children and the elderly might use it, who is actually going to buy it? It could be that it’s a 32 year old new mom. Her goal is to only buy local and from small businesses. So you’d have to appeal to her and get HER to buy the soap for her family.

Start by creating a persona, otherwise known as a fictional character, that will represent your ideal client. Give your persona a name. Then, answer the following questions. I’m focusing on “she” but feel free to replace if your ideal client is male.

  1. Where does my she live? And with whom?
  2. How old is she?
  3. What is her job/career?
  4. What are her favorite brands?
  5. Where does she spend her time online?

Keep going until you feel like you know her better than you know yourself. Now ask yourself what you’re offering and how it’s going to help solve her biggest problems.

Perhaps she’s skeptical on how the soap will work but is fearful of all the chemicals that the current products she uses have. BUT she’s not afraid for herself. She’s fearful that the chemicals might harm her baby’s sensitive skin.

How does your brand help her? What biggest fear does your brand help squash? How will you make her life better?

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Take a good look at your brand. Can you tell, within 10 seconds, who your audience is?
  2. No? Answer the above questions.
  3. Create a plan of action. What changes can you make to perfect your brand.

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? I know you’ve got a lot on your plate already and need to get back to doing what your do best! Let’s chat for a bit. We’ll help you focus and see the brand love you desire!


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