Get to know your dream client!

Last week, I told you my all about why you need to know your target market (aka ideal client) and what the benefits are. The next step is actually getting to know them.

Right now, you’re likely in one of these 2 phases:

1. You have just decided to start your business, honed in on what you want to do, and now are on the cusp of getting started. Congrats, btw!

2. You’ve realized that something is off with your branding. You’re not gaining traction or, even if you are, the people coming to you are less than ideal…

Before you start creating your business cards or redesigning your site, you’ll need to go through and figure out the real meaty details of who your ideal client is and what they want from you.

I don’t care if you have the solution to my time management issues – if you can’t tell me why it is that yours is the best, in a way I will literally plow through a gaggle of nuns to get to, you don’t know me or I’m not your ideal client.

Here’s what you need to do if you find yourself in one of the above phases of business:

1. Name your ideal client. Yup, give them a name. This is going to make them seem like a real person. Now find a few people who fit this role – people who you would LOVE to have as a client. Make a list of them.

2. Schedule a chat with the people on your list. You can do this by offering an incentive or paying for coffee. Sometimes people will chat with you because they want to help. Just schedule the time.

Please note that it’s best to do this in person. Video call is the second best. These methods allow you to see facial expressions and ask follow up questions on the fly.

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3. Prep time! Gather questions you need answered. The workbook in my free course has tons of questions but here’s a few:

Facts (demographics) – where they live, income bracket, age, family dynamics

Mental (psychographics) – what brands they love, favorite stores, goals, issues, the solutions they’ve already tried to the problem you’re trying to solve, etc.

4. Meet with them. Keep it simple, less than 30 minutes, and casual.

5. Go back to your notes and add a summary of your ideal client to the name you gave them in the beginning. Every time you design something, write copy, or think of marketing strategies, refer back to your notes about your ideal client. Ask yourself “Would [fake ideal client’s name] love this? Would he/she resonate with it?”

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