How to pick amazing stock images for your blog.
Ever visit a website and find images of forced smiles from strangers. The images have nothing to do with the subject and yet they’re displayed prominently on the page? And the more you look at those plastered smiles or dramatic “worried” faces, the creepier it seems?

Don’t let bad stock images ruin your visual brand!

Not only is it odd to look at some of the images, it’s often OBVIOUS that it’s a stock image and even free. Yup. 9 times out of 10 you can spot a free stock image.

Bad stock images draw attention away from your main goal and cheapen your brand. Hey now, don’t fret!

Here’s my top tips and  guidelines for finding great images and the top places I get them from.

1. Avoid purchasing the smallest size available. If the image is truly right for your brand then dive in and buy a larger size.

2. Avoid having people on your images. Humans immediately search for things that look like us and will be attracted to faces. Stock images with people are also hard because clothing can get out of date or the pose can look odd.

3. If you must have people, make sure they don’t look stiff. Imagine photos of kids when they’re on the playground versus in a studio getting their picture taken. Once looks forced while the other is natural.

4. Avoid purchasing a whole pack or large number of images until you know you really need them. If you find an image you like, jot down the name of the photographer and where you found it. If he or she has more, feel free to buy aa2 more (3 total).  That’s plenty to use on your first website and digital ads/promotions. Then if you feel like you need more, simply go back and get some.

My favorite images to use are desktop photos. They can be light, dark, and fit almost any business – from coach to designer. It just matters how you use it.

Here’s where I get my images:

Death To Stock Photos

Haute Chocolate




Know somewhere that provides awesome stock images? Have questions on creating a kickass brand? Leave a comment below or join the party at the Kickass Lady Bosses group!

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