How to create an amazing mobile landing page!

Being a small business owner, you’re likely already familiar with creating landing pages on your site. These are the pages that you end up on when clicking on an ad or link. It’s the page that gives you the big promotional push to join an email list, buy an e-book, or join a course.

Landing page design is essential for reaching your goals but how is your mobile version doing?

Is it clunky, slow, or worse – not even mobile optimized? As a small business owner, why should you care? Google states that users are 5 times more likely to leave if a mobile site isn’t easy to use.

Potential clients or leads might be dropping off and that’s lost money. Here’s a few ways that you or your designer can optimize your website’s landing pages and increase conversions.

Keep your copy short.

On desktop, you get to play with a lot more horizontal space so that a paragraph of information doesn’t seem too bad. On mobile, it can become crowded and overwhelming! Headlines and subheadlines also need to be shortened.

A good rule of thumb is to make paragraphs into bullet points, sub headlines shortened or removed, and main headlines edited to become concise.

Call To Action Buttons need to be short.

These usually don’t have a problem but sometimes your CTA (or call-to-action) could be “Get Your Free Website Optimization Strategies Today!” Sure, that’s still a bit long for desktop but it fits visually. For mobile, the above CTA won’t work. Instead, make sure your headline mentions the freebie and the CTA can be “Get It Today.”

Still not sure? Just keep in mind that CTAs should be no longer than 2 or 3 words.

Stick with the goal of your landing page.

Reduce any additional CTAs or distractions from the page and make your CTA obvious. Whether the button sticks to the bottom of the page the whole time or is copied and placed in multiple areas as the user scrolls, consistency is key.

Declutter the landing page.

This is similar to the above tip but includes anything such as graphics, images, fancy hard-to-read fonts, and unnecessary content. Remember that not everything that’s on the desktop version needs to be on mobile.

• Ask yourself: will this help get to my goal of a sale? Is it crucial?

• Take images out that are pure decor on your site. Crop other images so they focus on what you’re selling, not the background.

• Make sure all text is easy to read. If not, change the typeface, color, or size.

Final tip:

Take the mobile friendliness test from Google. This will help you see where your opportunities for improvement are. It’s super useful and easy to understand!

No matter what you’re launching, your landing page design needs to be on point in terms of branding, organization, and accessibility – from desktop to web.

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