Speed up your site part 1

Have you ever felt sluggish, bloated, your feet ache with every step and you just want to get back in bed. That can also happen to your site.

A website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds can get frustrating, 5 seconds and you’ve lost a customer.

Instead of waiting for things to load, you want your readers to quickly get to the content and see how YOUR the industry leader. So here’s a few tips on speeding up your site – after you’ve launched.

Have an awesome design! #obviously

First thing’s first, you get what you pay for. A regular website designer might not know how to code and create a mess (see the last tip) and won’t know the difference between designing for looking “pretty” and functional.

Sure your website can look really amazing – but then you realize that the person creating the site failed to put in a call-to-action message or that their organization of the page is illogical when compared to your business goals.

If you’re designing your own site – keep that thing as simple as possible. Reduce “noise” by asking yourself “If I add X, will it make me $$$?” Then think about getting a consult with a designer to test if you’re going in the right direction.

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Optimize those images!

Great visuals are key, even if you’re writing blog posts – but imagine being handed a heavy encyclopedia (does anyone even own one anymore???) each time you added an image with a large file size to your site. How many books would you be able to hold?

No imagine optimizing those images. It would be like downloading all those encyclopedias onto your phone for the commute home. A lot less heavy isn’t it?

Keep your site updated!

Whether your site was created from scratch or WordPress, make sure it stays updated. Via WordPress, you’ll likely get reminders about updates for plugins and the theme itself. Take a few minutes each month to go in and hit “update” on each of those – after running a monthly backup of course.

Quality themes and plugins are a must!

Free themes and plugins are amazing – until you keep hitting wall after wall. Whether it doesn’t allow you to change the colors or you can’t get the modern effects needed to bring your site to life, free themes are limiting.

Look for themes that have great ratings and a support system for at least a year after the purchase. Trust me, if you’re business is flourishing, so is your site. You’ll want that growth to be as smooth as possible.

Reduce the amount of plugins by deleting duplicates or unnecessary ones. Same thing with unused themes. When I go into the backend of some client sites – I find they have tons of themes they were testing out. Delete those and save precious bandwidth!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for a FREE chat with me. No promo, just you and me talking about your website and business goals!

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