Speed up your site part 2

Welcome to part 2 on how to speed up your website. Click here to read part 1.

There are many reasons a person might not buy off of your website. From the product not being right to second-thoughts. BUT what happens when they don’t even see your site? Instead, they wait and wait for it to load. Beyond 5 seconds – and they’re probably already thinking of the your competitor.

Here’s 2 more tips for creating a faster site.

Reduce the ads.

Ads can be a great boost to your site but can slow the download time. Ads sometimes come with additional code and bloat for your website. A great way to work these in is to limit the number of ads on a site and only place the ones that work with your business brand. Reducing the ads not only saves space and increases speed, it could make your site look more content focused instead of promotional.

Cache (sadly not the $$$ kind)

Cache is like a memory bank of your site – for items that get reused a ton. For example, when enabled, your user will load the web page. Next time they come back, the server will already have parts of the site in it’s memory bank and the page will load faster. Caching can be done with a few plugins – some free and some paid.

Finally, get your developer or designer (some designers, like me, know code) to clean up any inefficient code. You can definitely try doing this yourself – but if you’re like me, you have better things to do (like finding clients) than learning a new trick.

Once you’ve decided to get someone else involved, have them do a sweep of the code and stick with that one person. Changing your team members can result in loss of productivity for your site maintenance.

A beautiful website is great – until it’s taking so long to load that your client lead just decided to exit the browser window. Make sure to keep your site running smoothly with the tips above.

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