How to start your website on a budget!

There’s few business owners out there that had an immense amount of money when they started their business and, if you’re like I was, you’re starting on a shoe-string budget (or none at all, yikes)!

And then here’s the dilemma:

A website helps expand your business, makes you look legit, and is there to welcome potential leads when you’re sleeping!

But what happens when your budget doesn’t allow for a one-on-one designer? Do you get stuck with squirming each time someone asks “So where can I find you online?” No, don’t squirm. Here’s a few tips to get yourself a website without breaking the bank!

1. Free services. If worse comes to worse, you can always set up temporary sites that will include a domain name and website. These can be similar to Wix. The con is that it’s extremely obvious that it’s free. There’s typically a limit in features and the domain name is branded to that company or really odd and hard to remember.

2. Buy the domain name. This is the next step up from above. You purchase the web address you want and have it forward to the site you’ve created. Having a unique domain name versus the generic one that free hosting companies give will emphasize your legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients.

3. Get an all in one package. Although I love WordPress, if you’ll be doing a lot of the grunt work, you might want to stick with Squarespace. There, they’ll include the hosting, domain name, and customer service where as with WordPress, it tends to feel like a lot more because you’re purchasing themes, security, plugins, and might not have access to support.

Bonus: Don’t hire the cheapest designer on the block. Trust me, your site will look the same whether you do it or the inexpensive website designer does it. I’ve had clients come to me after having the less expensive person mess something up. In the long run, it pays off to get it done right the first time.

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