How to use pinterest for branding

Pinterest – one of the best ways for both designers and DIY bosses to create a brand that’s cohesive and stay inspired!

From booty workouts to font love, Pinterest is essential for everything that goes on in my life. Here’s a few ways you can use the app for your branding both if you’re a newbie business owner or been around for a while.

Whether you’re just beginning or have an established business, follow the below steps to make sure your brand visuals are exactly what will help you grow.

The first thing you get to do is create a board for visual inspiration. This is a general board where you can dump everything and anything that catches your eye – even if it doesn’t seem to belong. See the screenshot below.

Pinterest Design Screenshot

You can title that board anything from “Future Business Style” to “Graphic Inspo” but the important thing is to keep it full of inspiring graphics.

Things you could search for to pin are tattoos, food photography, scenic photography, quotes, infographics, or website samples.

After you’ve gotten a really robust board (not hard if you’re a “pro-pinner” like me) create 3 more boards. These will be for fonts, colors, and graphics. You can either title them that or whatever fits your mood, just make sure you pin exactly those things.

You can copy pins over from the general board – it’s the easiest thing to do. Then pin things you stumble on as you search through the app.

For some tips on honing your brand (it’ll make the following steps easier!), check out the first part of my free course: Business Discovery Roadmap.

The fonts board will hold all fonts that you feel truly fit your business style. Think of the words that describe your business and pin fonts that feel like they’ll belong.

The color board will focus on images of a similar color scheme. Again, if you’ve honed in on your business style, this will be easy. If not, just continue to ask, “will this appeal to my target market?” and “does this fit the descriptive words of my business?”

The graphics board will hold things that could be used as logos or detail graphics on a brand. Think watermarks, border styles, buttons, etc. They don’t literally have to be those things though! Expand your search to things like tattoo graphics and illustrations for a great variety. I’ve even worked off a photograph of a ballerina for a logo concept.

You now have 4 boards full of design inspiration for your business. This will help your designer (or yourself) create a brand that will attract your dream clients and match your business style.

Now, for the established business:

Take a look at the boards and go through your current graphics. Take out all the printouts and bring up any launch pages, websites, and social media outlets you use. If you have gone through my free e-course, take out your workbook and go to the section that goes through your descriptive words.

Compare everything to the boards. Does anything seem off? Does your logo appear cutesy when you’re descriptive words and boards show a more sultry side? Does your website look child-like instead of the modern, clean look your boards show?

At this point, list out the items that don’t fit and either make plans to fix them or email your designer (pssst: you can chat with me, free of charge).

I love Pinterest because it can work for everyone. It’s easy for my design clients to use and robust enough for me to leverage in any project. Let me know what you think and if you’ve used the app for your brand.

You can find me on Pinterest here: Robles Designs and make sure to share your own link in the comments!


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