Lacking PIZAZZ in your biz? Quick tips for injecting personality into your brand!

In the video below I go over a simple 3 step process to put Pizazz back into your business and inject your personality back into your brand.

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You can tell that your business is lacking in personality when it doesn’t excite you or when you’re not getting clients. What do you do when your business is missing that spark?

Ask your clients

First, you’ll need to evaluate your business to see what’s missing. To do this find people you know: clients, current or previous, friends and family (get at least one in each category to help you).

For example, I’m a graphic and website designer, and I work with women entrepreneurs in the service industry so I would go to coaches, trainers or counselors, my dream clients and ask them:

To Describe in 3 words or less:

  • You
  • And your business.

This will help you find what is missing in your business and see clearly how others perceive you and your business.

Do this in real time, over skype or in person. This needs to be an immediate response, spontaneous.

They may love you and your energy but that might now show true in your business.


Look at what they mentioned

Take the words you gathered for both you and your business and place them in two columns side by side  one for you and one for your business.

Now look at the differences and similarities between the two. The goal is to have your business communicate who you are clearly.

Quick Tip: Stay away from the words like professional. Professional doesn’t really mean or say anything.

My website is now pink and sparkling but in the past my websites lacked in personality, they were very “professional” but didn’t show who I was as a designer.

Now: circle the words that are either negative or don’t fit with who you are, or that don’t help your business move forward or reach clients.


Adjust your brand to fit your personality

Now that you know what’s missing you can start to take small steps to changing your brand so that it best matches your personality.

Rebranding will make you money and help you reach your dream clients, but it’s important to take it slow so that people don’t feel lost in the midst of the changes you’re doing.

Start by doing these changes in the main pages of your site: Home Page, About Page and Services.

Change these three things to get started:

  1. The images
  2. The headlines
  3. The Call to Actions


To Recap

Add the pizazz back into your business by:
First seeing how people view you and your business.
Second finding the mismatches between the two.
Third updating your main pages to better communicate your personality.


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