Just Hire A Designer, Already!

We all know you’re amazing (and no, I’m not being sarcastic). You’re an entrepreneur because you have a vision. You’re the best damn, Insert Your Title there is.

But you’re not a designer.

And I totally commend you for trying! I really do, because it’s hard work.

And it’s tiring. It makes you lose track of your real business duties. So now, you’re behind on your actual work, you’re not getting the sleep you need, and you’re running out of coffee, again.

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If that’s not enough to make you think about hiring a professional, here’s 3 more reasons:

1. As designers, we do more than just “make things look pretty”. Our job is to take your message and translate it visually so that it appeals to your target audience. A good designer will make you a pretty banner or ad. Good designers don’t just do that.

For example, at Robles Designs, we will take you through the goal for each marketing piece. The intent for a landing page, the goal of an email newsletter, and even whether it will help you reach our target audience. That way, everything that we “make pretty” also works to get you more revenue.

2. Designers are trained to know what’s visually appealing. Many people think we have a “magic touch” that makes images pop. WRONG. Designers went to school and paid good money to learn about theories, principles, psychology, and grid systems.

Web designers also learn: best practices on the web, accessibility issues, user experience, as well as know-how for creating a site that will convert users into clients.

3. Designers help your brand stand out from a crowd and optimize your site design for the best first impression EVER (and you know first impressions are everything)!

When a designer first looks at your site, there’s a mental checklist on what needs to stay and go. Want to know why you SUCK at this? Because you’re too close. You’ve fallen in love with something that doesn’t work and can’t see it for what it’s worth.

A designer will help you get out of that rut and create a brand and website that will grow with your business by showing your best site and what makes you so fabulous.

Finally, you’ve got to understand that you use a designer to realize your vision. What we do isn’t magic. We’re trained professionals that create designs that not only communicate your message but embodies your vision.

A knowledgeable designer, like a great friend, will tell it like it is. Whether your whole brand needs redone, or if a few tweaks can help out.

Not sure if you should hire a designer? Here’s 5 things you should know before starting your search.

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  1. Awesome post! I’m a designer too and you’ve just taken literally all my thoughts on why people should hire me and put them in a blog post!

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