Just keep scrolling! How to make sure your long landing pages are optimized!

When I’m designing a web page, clients often ask me how long is too long and how to make a long scrolling convert.

There’s no need to fear the long scrolling page – when appropriate!

Here’s why it can work well:

It works well on mobile. The smaller the screen, the longer the scroll. It allows for the content to flow smoothly. Controls available on mobile, such as swipe right, can also help make your page an interactive experience for the site visitor.

What can make your long scrolling landing page a great experience for your website visitor?

1. Make sure the first top part of the page is the best.

This portion of the page sets the tone and expectation for the rest of the page – and possibly site. Make sure it’s attractive, goal oriented, and easily understood. Adding a tagline about what you do and a call-to-action button (CTA) can quickly let the visitor know what they can get from you and how.

2. Have some sort of back to top or sticky nav option.

This helps avoid frustrating your site visitor when they want to go back to the top of the page. The same goes for a back to top button. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just an icon towards the bottom of the page that links back to the top.

3. Optimize for faster scrolling.

With longer pages, the browser is loading more stuff and slowing down. Make sure that your images are optimized. You can do this by “saving for web” in photoshop or reducing a file size using something like ImageOptim.

Have an e-commerce site with a ton of products? Try adding a lazy load feature to the page. This will speed up the process by loading the top graphics and, as you scroll down, continues to load.

No matter what your preference on long pages, the above tips can help any site enhance it’s appearance! Have questions about your own site? Sign up for a free consult where we’ll roll up our sleeves and learn what will make your page sparkle.

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