It's Time For Our Secret Sauce

Want to know how we really design brands and websites? We have this fairy. Her name is Norma and we’ll sometimes take her wand, tap it on our laptops, then sit on the couch to watch The Voice.

Ha, Ha, No.

We really wish it was like that though! Here’s what really happens when we to create AMAZING brands and sites.

Phase 1: Wait, I have homework???”

You’re so ready. You just want to jump in and start seeing logos, concepts for website, and then all of the sudden, we send you a word document. Not only that, it’s a word document WITHOUT pictures.

That’s right. We don’t start your project with colored pencils and sketches. Instead, we’ll help you focus the brand and figure out who your ideal client is, what he or she is afraid of, and what problem you’ll be solving.

We’ll be living and breathing the same target market as you.

Together, we’ll research where your ideal client is and what his/her likes or dislikes are. We’ll create vision boards for your market. Then, based on the information gathered, we’ll start making mood boards for your business which will help us narrow in on the type of design that will truly get you from janky startup to a professional looking brand.

This is one of the hardest and possibly longest phases because lots of style decisions are made without even a sketch being handed to you!

What if I just want you to guide me? >>

Phase 2: Ok, now the fun starts.

Now is when we get to whip out our coloring pencils, design programs, and fancy words like: color triad, pixels, and “on brand”.

You’ll start receiving concepts for colors, logos, and other visuals to cement your brand. We’ll work together with you on narrowing down the best solutions for your business. And when I say together, I mean you’ll be with us every step of the way. We won’t just send you a finished logo without first showing you mockups and sketches.

This is also when we start constructing wireframes and mapping out your site. We’ll be using the content created in phase one (a.k.a. your homework) and visuals created in this same phase.

Phase 3: “OMG, this is actually fucking happening.” *cue the dancing*

This phase is where my team and I get some coffee and start finalizing all your assets and site. Once your site is done, we’ll perform a series of tests to assure that everything is working perfectly.

Here’s where your most important job comes in. Please, pay close attention. You’ll be forced to: put your feet up, grab a drink, and watch your favorite trash tv show (this last one is optional).

This phase is essentially where we complete your business brand, package up the visuals, and launch your site.

Our 3 phase system works because it touches on all the important points for creating a cohesive and well-designed company. Our goal is to not only give you a pre-made design. Instead we learn all we can about you, your business, and your ideal client in order to truly make an impact on your company.

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