New Year, New Website? What to know before rebranding your business!

Can you feel the change in the air?! The new year is almost here and with that comes tons of emails asking me about how to rebrand your businesses the “easy way.”

Here’s my typical response:

Tweet: Rebranding your business is a giant undertaking that requires research, sweat, and quite a few tears.

Branding a company should be done in the beginning stages of growth and the reasons for rebranding should be considered very carefully because it might not be a great investment right now.

Think about why you want to rebrand your business.

Are you bored with the way things are right now? Maybe you’ve been noticing the latest trend using gold leaf on websites. Or you just feel like you need to change so that your potential leads will actually click to buy.

The above are NEVER good reasons to take on rebranding your business and website. These simply waste your time (if doing it yourself) or hard-earned money (if using a designer). Instead, consider a little bit of sprucing up of your site.

Using your already established branding, create newness by changing up headlines, switching out photos, and adding or swapping details like borders.

Has your ideal client evolved? For example, if you sell to teenagers, your old clients have gotten older and your new ones are coming in with a different perspective and experience. Do you create new services that will allow you to stay with the first crowd or do you shift to the new?

Both of the above scenarios require research to figure out the best decision for your business. After deciding, you can take stock of your graphics and see whether a complete rebrand is on the horizon.

Have you grown apart from your target audience? Perhaps you’re still appealing to the groups you set out to attract but would rather shift directions.

This happens and there’s sometimes ways to leverage the current hold you have on another audience to grow your new one. Here, my personal suggestion is to slowly shift and prepare to lose followers.

For example, if you blog about freelancing as a side hustle and realize that you’re true passion is helping start-up entrepreneurial women grow their business, you might end up losing some people but will start gaining them by being consistent in developing the new brand.

Start by redoing the logo, then update the color scheme, use new fonts, all while updating the written content.

And the most common:

You realized you never had a brand or aren’t resonating with your dream client. This one happens a lot more than you think and usually because there wasn’t enough research done before starting the graphic design process.

Here, you start by going slow and focusing on knowing your client as well as yourself. Create a mood board for your client as well as yourself and finalize it by creating a shared one for your business. This will give you a great blend and guide your graphics.

Then, either with a designer or on your own, create the images and brand graphics needed that match your final mood board.

Overall, if you’re thinking about rebranding – especially if this is the second or third time – take your time and really think about the reasons WHY before making your decision. You can even go as far ask consulting a brand designer 😉

Need help with rebranding or just have a few questions? Join me at the Kickass Lady Bosses group and tag me (Yasmine Robles) with your question!

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