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Want to know why you are constantly rebranding your website?

Remember when your mom used to buy you clothes? She’d be so excited as she pulled out each one while you tried not to roll your eyes. These clothes almost always ended up either itchy, baggy, or never quite felt like you?

Here’s the real problem: your mom wasn’t buying for you as her target market. She probably wasn’t even buying what she would like. She was buying what she thought you’d like.

She didn’t know her target market.

That’s your website when you feel the need to completely rebrand. Something just doesn’t fit right. And both you and your dream clients feel it.

Here’s the top 3 reasons you need to know your target market:

It’s easier to visually brand your site.

Yup, as a designer, it’s better when my client knows exactly who their ideal market is. From the age to where they hang out on social media. Visuals are more impactful when your target market just connects.

Real scenario: when I first started out as a designer, many many years ago, I would never ask about a target market. I assumed that the owner just knew their audience.

Unfortunately, most people that hired me to brand their business were only guessing. This led to constant edits, rebranding every 3 months, and attempting marketing strategy after marketing strategy while nothing worked.

It meant business for me – since I was doing the design work, but bad news for my clients. It. Was. Horrible. Now, that’s phase 1 when I work with a client. We both figure out who the audience is, the competition, and goals of the business BEFORE starting any fun design work.

Best part: If you brand your site while knowing your target market, rebranding isn’t something you have to do every 6 months anymore! Maybe not even for years!

You’ll make more sales.

From your copy to the colors of your site – it will all lead your lead through an awesome funnel that will get you that sale!

With copy that speaks to your clients, you’ll be appealing to their emotions instead of simply stating facts about their products. Great copy will meet your dream client where she or he is and then show them where they could go. Knowing how they would describe it themselves puts the icing on the cake.

Graphics will be tailored to please them. Think of it this way – a person who loves Gucci is attracted to different visuals from that of a person who shops at Kate Spade.

The main reason: it’s easier to connect to your clients.

Ever go on a website and just feel like they get YOU. Like the site is speaking to you? Or get so lost in the website that you lose track of time or buy a ton of clothes from a retail site even though you’re trying to save money (me, all the way!)? It’s in the connection!

It’s an immersion in a brand – from graphics to copy and colors to images. Knowing your target market and who else they’re going to for the same solution you offer (aka your competition) will help you adjust your business to stand out – Like. A. Boss.

So how does your brand feel? Does it fit well or do you think it’s time for a change? Perhaps it’s time for a rebrand, which means it’s time to figure out your target market!

Here’s a free way of getting to know yourself, your dream clients, and your competition: Join the Free Brand Discovery Roadmap today!

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