How to create a landing page that converts!

Landing pages are the perfect way to funnel someone into a product, email list, or simply to hop on your webinar to create a warm lead!

A landing page is essentially 1 message that’s expanded to fit the entire web page. It won’t go from talking about your e-book to your one-on-one services. It’s focused in on one idea and, at the end of the day, it’s about having your audience click.

Here’s 4 tips to help you create a landing page that converts!

1. Keep it clean and keep it simple! You don’t need a bunch of GIFs, 5 different fonts, or expensive stock photos.

Use what you have and add sufficient space between elements. Headlines can stand out by using a larger and bolder font. Call to action buttons get to be the same color but you get to choose the color that best fits your brand.

Think of it this way, if your user is quickly scanning the page, they should easily read all headlines and call to action buttons.

2. Use powerful headlines and copy. Make sure the subject is quickly grasped and that your personality is shining through. The main headline is the first thing that users see so it should push your mission and fit within the brand.

When writing the headlines, keep in mind that users are probably only on for about a max of 5 seconds before deciding to close out of the window or keep reading. Get their attention and make them think “Tell me more!”

3. Make it look good on mobile, too! Why are so many big companies taking another look at their mobile site? Because it’s where a large bulk of traffic is coming from!

Look at your landing page on your phone and decide if certain content can be taken out, added, or reworked to fit and read better.

If you have a few paragraphs about how you started your company, perhaps you could do a simple timeline that will be easier to read on your phone.

4. Keep the forms simple. I’ve been there. Super excited about a freebie or service that someone is offering and I click the button. Then an extremely long form pops up where I half expect to be asked for my social security number.

What do I do? I exit out and tell myself I’ll get back to it when I have more time. I rarely remember to.

Lesson: ask for only the essential items. You can get the rest of the information another way down the road via an automatic email to the longer form, etc.

5. Make yourself trustworthy! Don’t ever think you don’t need a testimonial! They add social proof to your landing page. So it’s not just you tooting your own horn, it’s also other people 🙂

Comment below with your questions or tips for a killer landing page!

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