What is an ssl certificate?

Oh the things you don’t think about when creating your website!

Your  site is something that’s more than a beautiful addition to your brand – it’s a lifeline between you and your potential clients. But there’s so much more to think about when establishing it!

SEO, SSL, hosting companies, backups, hackers, and even pesky spammers (trust me – they’re everywhere) you’ll realize that your baby needs a lot more attention than you realized.

To break it down, I’ll be handling these not so pretty topics in the coming weeks. Today’s topic:

SSL certificates, and whether or not you need one.

Have a startup biz? Click here to get taken to my FREE course that helps you set up your brand for success! Now, back to SSL Certificates…

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (a.k.a. Secure Sockets Layer) certificates is what shows that your site is encrypted. It’s like a special language or code that hackers can’t read. From Go Daddy, the SSL certificate is “a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology…”

For example: my mother will talk to me in Spanish when she’s speaking about someone and doesn’t want them to understand. SSL certificates will still show information to your members/clients/customers but anyone else who is trying to read it won’t understand it.

You can tell that your site – or any site – has an SSL is there’s an “s” after the “http” such as “https://…” That’s the signal that your site is being protected. A lot of big name e-commerce companies have this feature because they likely need to protect information such as through memberships.

Who needs an SSL certificate?

In 2017 Google started pushing websites, especially those that collect info, to add this extra encryption – and it’s used to be such a hassle! If you don’t collect info, you might still want to consider having it added. It’ll give you a small SEO boost.

So, should you get it???

This is completely up to you. Like I mentioned before, if you’re collecting info directly on your site, have a membership area, or are selling anything – get it. If you’re like me, and the site’s main purpose is to be informative, you might want to get it eventually.

Depending on your hosting company, you might be able to get it free – but more than likely, you’ll need to pay. I believe mine (through Go Daddy) cost between $55 to $65.

I prefer to keep everything under one roof, from my hosting to domain and the SSL certificate to avoid any road bumps that may occur.

Have questions about SSL certificates or other boring sounding (but important!) website essentials? Comment below or sign up for a free one on one chat!

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