The ultimate 5 day challenge to

Focus Your Brand

Because it’s about time, damn it!

The 5 day challenge is for bosses who want to find and target their ideal clients before adding the SPARKLE!

Branding is NOT your logo. It’s not your font style or what pretty images you put up. Branding is what your customers say and think about you. I know what it’s like to spend money and time on a business only to hear… crickets. It feels horrible and sickening. The number one reason? Your branding. Or, well, lack of it. This is a challenge for kick-ass entrepreneurs who want to take back control of how others see them. It’ll help you hone in on your ideal client, find where they are, and prepare for a designer to come in and add the visual PIZZAZ!

You'll find out:

You’ll figure out if you’re seen as a brand or a commodity and what it takes to make the shift.

You’ll get a better look at who your ideal client is and what makes him or her tick.

Figure out where to find your ideal people and continually make your business fit into their lives.

This challenge might not be for you.

This 5 day brand focus challenge is for 2 types of driven entrepreneurs. Those who want to start their business off on the right foot and the DIY bosses who have been at it for a while and are feeling lost when it comes time to branding. It’s for bosses who realize that marketing to everybody: Does. Not. Work.

It's only 5 days.

You could spend 5 luxurious days at a spa retreat. Better yet, go on a shopping spree or take a vacation to somewhere sunny, warm, and with some eye-candy 😉 OR You could spend 5 days working hard on your business. Tie back your hair in a messy bun, figure out who you’re targeting, how to find them, and finally, how to wrap that shit up and get a brand designer to bring it all together. It sucks. It’s hard. But figuring out this information will only make your road to success that much EASIER.

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