3 Branding Mistakes

The word “branding” can be extremely overwhelming for small business owner, especially when it comes to the visual portion. You could be looking at a business levels above you wondering, “When will I ever get there?!”

After years of reviewing (and creating) other brands, here’s the 3 most common mistakes I’ve found. Let me know in the comments if they resonate with you at all 🙂

1. Forgetting to establish rules.

Yes, we all hate rules but without them, your brand will look like a hot mess. You need to know the specifics and stick to them! Here’s a few: brand fonts, colors, images that fit the business, accents, logo variations, and the list goes on!

Typically, your designer will hand over a style guide with all of this information on it or you can create one yourself using anything from just a word document to a program like Canva or PicMonkey where you can arrange it to look professionally made.

2. Overcomplicating the visuals.

I heard that Coco Chanel said “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” The same concept applies to your visuals.

In some cases, take off the last 3 things you added!

When it comes to your brand visuals, less is always more. Have 6 colors that are making your site look like a toddler with a marker got a hold of it? Then simplify to 3.

Does your logo have every color in the rainbow? Tone that sh*t down. A simple elegance is always best!

Have 5 fonts on your website? Take out 3! Edit everything and you’ll look more profesh and put together.

3. Not understanding the power of your brand visuals.

This has got to be the biggest mistake business owners make! You know you’ve done it. You’ve gone to sites that offer $20 logos, cheap websites, and then wonder why your potential clients DON’T TRUST YOU.

It’s because you didn’t trust yourself or your business!

You didn’t invest in a quality graphics that take you from looking like a sketchy side-gig to an actual business that people feel confident will be there tomorrow.

Imagine going to a “boutique” where all the clothing isn’t organized, the clerk is unkempt, and everything smells like feet. Would you buy from there? The clothing could be an amazing quality but who really knows?

Or you go to a boutique where the employees are smiling and well-dressed. The garments are organized by color and size while a light peppermint scent wafts through the store.

Which boutique would you buy from? Same thing with your graphics!

Finally, if you’re having a hard time with your branding, feel free to sign up for my free 15 minute rapid fire Q&A session! You’ll get to ask me anything, from reviewing your site to which colors go well together.

Let’s get your brand sparkling!

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